Modules for every integration

CloudWright modules give your team configure-once, use anywhere integrations to the services your team depends on to Get Work Done.

CloudWright can always connect to API-based or cloud-native services, and we have native integrations for dozens of popular SaaS services.

If we're missing an integration that your team needs, just let us know. We'll get right on it.

Slack Message Sender

Send messages to a single slack instance

Slack API

Access a Slack instance using the Slack API


Connect to the Datadog API for creating and monitoring metrics


Send SMS or make calls using Twilio


Connect to AWS to manage or monitor any aws cloud resource, such as S3, DynamoDB, or EC2

Jupyter Runner

Module that runs Jupyter ipynb notebooks

PagerDuty Events API

Trigger, acknowledge, or resolve events on a PagerDuty service

PagerDuty Configuration API

Connect to the PagerDuty REST API


Access data on through the public API


Connect to a PostgreSQL database


Connect to a MySQL database


Connect to the Stripe API

Atlassian JIRA

Read and update tickets in JIRA


Scalyr HTTP API Client

Google Cloud Language

Launch queries against Google's Cloud Language service

Google Cloud Translation

Launch translation requests against Google's Cloud Translation service


Connect to Dropbox

Google Docs

Access your documents using Google's official API client

Google Sheets - Google SDK

Access your spreadsheets using Google's official API client

Google Calendar

Access your calendar using Google's official API client

Google Sheets - gspread

Access your spreadsheets using the popular gspread library

Send Email with Gmail

Connect to Gmail

Google Contacts

Connect to Google Contacts

Google BigQuery

Launch queries against Google's BigQuery engine


Query your data on Salesforce


Connect to an Airtable Base

Generic HTTP API Client

Pre-configure a token-based HTTP API client with authorization headers and a base URL

Google Cloud Storage

Read and write data to Google Cloud Storage (GCS)


Connect to Asana


Connect to Mailchimp


Pendo HTTP API Client

Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Send and receive Pub/Sub events

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